Hey, I'm Rachael!


If I had to describe myself in three terms, I'd have to go with dessert lover, travel junkie, and book worm. But there's a lot more going on than my mad cooking skills and knowledge of French! Websites are my passion — the design, the visuals and flow, the communication between you and your audience... the way it all comes together and the results of a well-designed website are incredible!

I graduated from Ithaca College back in 2018 with a degree in Graphic Design, Web Design, and Web Development. I recently came back to the US after living in France for 11 months as an au pair, fulfilling a long-time dream to travel and learn the French language and culture. Currently, I'm working as a graphic and web designer at Marathon Consulting. I also pitch in my skills over at Maple Creative.

Web Design


Need to rebuild your website? Let's start with a thorough audit of what you've got and discuss the next steps. Building for the first time? Great! Let's discuss your ideas and start to map out a successful, stand-out website.

Graphic Design


With a good eye on your design, your ideas will have a much bigger impact. Whether it's a marketing campaign, a website, or a simple poster, I can help make your ideas stand out with the right graphics, colors, fonts, spacing, and images.



My love of reading has also stimulated my love for the written word... especially the grammar part of it! Having a rough time with your copy? I've got your back. Copy writing and copy editing are some of my specialties. 🙂

Ryan Portrait Square

I've been working with Rachael on projects for 4 years, and she consistently delivers. It's a good feeling to have someone so reliable on our team, whether it's strategizing on a new idea or working through the daily grind of running an agency.

Ryan Clover // Founder & Designer, Maple Creative