UX Designer.

UI Designer.

Grammar Nerd.

Motorcyclist, dog mom of two, my own personal chef, [white] wine consumer, traveler. It's a well-rounded list.

Portrait of Rachael and her dog Roxy
Nitro jumping midair

Hi, I'm Rachael

A user experience designer with a UX certification from the Nielsen Norman Group and over four years of experience, I have a passion for designing websites, focusing on the small and large interactions that make a website functional, beautiful, and so easy to use, you don't even have to think about it.

I also have experience with print design, from brochures to restaurant menus to event posters, but my other passion is copyediting and proofreading. Without clean, clear, and mistake-free copy, you can lose that level of trust you worked so hard to build with your audience. I have the eye for detail in both design and the written word.

Selected Projects

So... Proofreading?

Yes! Proofreading is an often overlooked, but incredibly important step in the content creation process.

Have you ever been in the middle of reading something and suddenly got caught up on a word that was misspelled, either completely wrong or giving the word a whole other meaning? Well, of course – we all have! Those sort of mistakes can cause anything from a laugh to a lack of trust to a huge financial train wreck.

While proofreading and design may not seem to go hand in hand, if you want to have the greatest chance of success, one shouldn't go without the other. With my eye for detail and love for the nitty gritty of the written word, I can help ensure written consistency and accuracy to make sure your content is clean and professional in both the digital and printed space.

Tell me, what's more important to you?