First Team Auto Desktop Application Design

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First Team Auto desktop application

Project Overview

First Team Automotive Group (FTA) is a family-owned and operated car dealership in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. They were using quite a few manual processes to track and promote employee morale and performance. They were also tracking large amounts of data such as sales numbers, trend lines, and forecasts within various spreadsheets. In order to streamline, facilitate, and automate their internal processes and tracking, FTA wanted a new application that would initially focus on employee goals, the company’s desk log (car sales data), and forecasting.


First Team Auto

Tools Used

Adobe XD


The Design Task

My task was to review and understand the project requirements in order to translate rough wireframes that the project manager put together with the FTA team into a branded application UI that was intuitive to navigate and use. The wireframes helped show what content and basic functionality needed to be on each page of the application, but I needed to use my UX expertise to determine what types of modules, functionality, and layouts would create the best usability experience for FTA’s employees.

After creating a simple style tile based off their website to solidify which colors, fonts, and button styles to use, I worked closely with the developers and project managers to nail down the details of the required functionality and any scope limitations. As the project progressed, requirements would often change, so communication was essential to make sure I was providing the developers accurate mockups for the current phase of the project or variations to show both current and future phase designs and functionality.

This project did not require me to design out every single page or component in the application – for example, the developers used charts from an existing library that only needed color selection guidance – but the developers were able to utilize the layouts, elements, and styles I had created to develop the rest of the application.