Umbraco US Festival Brand Guide Design

Design | Branding

Umbraco US Festival Brand Guide in a Grid Layout

Project Overview

The Umbraco US Festival is the largest gathering of Umbraco enthusiasts throughout the country. Each year, developers and other individuals who work with the Umbraco CMS can come together for immersive workshops and social activities to create connections and continue learning about the platform.

Each year, the look and feel of the festival's website, swag, and décor looked a bit different, but it was important to make sure that the festival's overarching identity always stayed the same. In order to solidify the Umbraco US Fest brand, I created a brand guide that covered:

  • Voice, values, and mission
  • Logo usage
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Photography style

The brand guide was meant to be developed for the web – the interactivity in the design prototype shows the desired means of navigation through the guide and the last page of the designs shows the page title and logo always being shown when scrolling through the guide content.



Tools Used

Adobe XD